How to remain focused and disciplined when you're working from home/remotely

When you first start working for yourself you may become overwhelmed with all the time you seemingly have. After binge watching all the series you’ve been meaning to, and catching up on all the latest celebrity news; reality finally dawns on you that you actually need to get things done if you want to see positive cash flow at the end of the month. Finally, you realise that along with all the freedom comes the absolute responsibility to make things happen all on your own.

At this point you may be tempted to run back to your old office job that feels all familiar and comfy, but that really doesn’t have to be an option. By organising yourself for both work and play you can easily conquer doing it all on your own. Below I’ve noted some steps that have worked for me. So grab a cup of coffee and put on your proverbial superhero cape because together, we can achieve it all.

Create a routine
Now this might sound counter-intuitive. Didn’t I become my own boss to get away from routine?! Well, yes…and no. if you’re anything like me then the only way to really get things done is to create some structure. Structure and routine, not only ensures that you get things done but it shows your family and friends that you take your work, and yourself seriously. And being taken seriously, especially when you’ve taken such a bold and “uncommon” step in our society, is really important as often times women in entrepreneurship are still viewed as flaky.

So yes, get up early, get dressed, maybe get in some exercise (if you’re that way inclined) and get organized. Create a workspace that not only allows you to remain focused but also inspires you. This journey will really force you to evaluate what really works for you and what doesn’t, so it’s best to get that out the way early on so that nothing inhibits your productivity, and ultimately, your success.

Finally, you can come and go when you please; there’s no boss constantly looking over your shoulder and nobody trying to micromanage your every move. How on earth will you stay motivated?! It’s easy to be pushed by deadlines when everyone around you is as frantic as you are but in the solace of your own space, things tend to become a bit solemn, uninspired even. So mix it up! Go work in a coffee shop, or a hotel lobby or a botanical garden even. If you don’t have your own portable modem then find places with free wifi and good coffee…hey, even throw in a yummy slice of cake while you’re at it.

Yes, being your own boss is a lot of responsibility but absolutely have fun with it! Do things on a regular basis that inspires you and keeps your energy levels high. Which brings me to my third and final step.

Feed your motivation
Motivation, much like most things in life, isn’t constant, and if left unattended to, may just entirely wither away. You’ve taken this huge, bold, brave step in your life; and sometimes it can feel very isolating. However, you’re not alone. There are tons of women who have ventured out on their own. So, surround yourself with strong inspirational role models, whether it be through online support groups, your own social circle or even books. Some of the books that have resonated most with me are:

“It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be” – Paul Arden
“Pitch Perfect” – Bill McGowan
“The Success Principles” – Jack Canfield (my favorite)
“The Wisdom of Sundays” – Oprah Winfrey

Where you find your inspiration and motivation will be as unique as you are. So find what works for you and run with that.

Lastly, as your own boss, you set the tone for the work you do. Learning to say no to jobs and clients that don’t resonate with you, protects that energy and personal brand (go check out my previous post!) that is vital to your success.

I hope you found my steps helpful and please feel free to comment below what works for you.