As I’m writing this, I’m left with much heartbreak and disappointment.

The past few weeks have been the most horrific for any person to be able to overcome emotionally.

We’ve been exposed to the trials and tribulations of innocent Palestinians who have been tirelessly pulling through the hatred of Israeli forces. It’s been 72 years of loss; loss of infrastructure, land, and most importantly humanity! It is this year that I believe the world has said ENOUGH and went beyond borders to put humanity before religion! It is this year I decided I’m a proud South African citizen who, although, cannot speak of the Apartheid era, can see the effect it has on this generation. WE, as a country, are finally doing more because we can relate to the atrocities. It is also this year where I envy the strength of every single Palestinian. Never had I thought that I would have to hear the cries of a young child being assured that even without their parents they’ll be okay, never had I ever thought I would see siblings hold one another’s hands as though their lives depended on it! These are merely 2 incidents that are occurring each day!

After every update, I’m left perplexed and feel more rage towards their perpetrators! What must be going through their minds to be purposefully harming and killing innocent people for standing up for their basic human rights?!

I write this with certainty that my voice matters! No matter how small it is because ill-treating people is WRONG! Killing people is WRONG! Deliberate displacement is WRONG! If you’re South African and are still choosing to remain silent, you’ve made it clear who’s side you are on!

There is only one side and I chose the side of #FreePalestine

Amaal Jacobs